Watercolour Family Portrait

$40.00 - $80.00
  • Watercolour Family Portrait

Searching for the perfect present?
You found it!

A custom family portrait!

It could be for Mother's Day, a wedding anniversary, a birthday, the birth of a new baby! Picture it in the entrance of the house or the nursery... on a baby birth announcement, on invites or for social media!


How to get a portrait?

Once you order a portrait, email me photos of the people and pets you would like me to illustrate at lisgillet{at}gmail.com.

I would like a description of each subject (people/pets) : hair colour, hair style, clothes, accessories, dog breed etc. If no description, I'll use the photos I was given no problem!

Once I finish the sketch, I'll send you a photo for feedback. You tell me what you want to change, add details etc then I'll do the watercolour painting.
I used A4 185gsm quality watercolour paper.
I'll send you the finished artwork via Express post (within Australia).
It will take 2 weeks from the moment you send the photo to receiving the portrait.

Let's get started!